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A gold-edged invitation to all coaches

Some of Great Britain’s most prominent coaches, including Jessica Ennis’ coach Toni Minichiello, will come together during the 2012 London Olympic Games to share their knowledge and celebrate the expertise that coaches bring to international sport.

The Global Coaches House is an event designed for anyone who coaches other people to excel in their field during the 2012 Games. The project has been commissioned by Leeds Metropolitan University in partnership with the International Council for Coach Education (ICCE) and WDR.

The groundbreaking project will be based at the London Campus of Limkokwing University for the duration of the Olympic Games. The Global Coaches House Paralympic programme will run from September 3rd to the 6th at Eversheds, London.

The daily programme at Limkokwing University, which will carry on until August 12, is due to kick off this Friday, July 27 at 11 am following an official drinks reception and opening party.

The project will bring together the world coaching, with an emphasis on the performance development and high-performance domains, and will celebrate the expertise that coaches bring to international sport, as well as providing a platform for networking and the sharing of knowledge and skills.

Leading international sports and fitness publisher Human Kinetics is an official Partner of the Global Coaches House and will have an information stand at the event.

Vice President, Ted Miller said “Human Kinetics is delighted to be part of the Global Coaches House. It will provide an important opportunity for learning, networking and the bringing together of coaches from around the world. “

He went on “Human Kinetics is producing the International Sport Coaching Framework, which is due to be launched at the event. It will provide a common language and reference point when defining coaches’ roles and responsibilities—especially in regards to athlete development—and the education and tools they need to fulfil them. It also offers very useful information to help guide decisions, policies and even legislation concerning coaching.”

Tony Minichiello – coach to World and European heptathlon and gold medallist athlete Jessica Ennis, who he is currently preparing to compete in the Olympics, said: “Global Coaches House will be a brilliant base for coaches of all sports and backgrounds to visit during the Games. It will provide them with the opportunity to learn, relax and connect with other coaches during what will be a very intense and exciting time.

“With all eyes on the athletes and the sports stars during the Olympics, the Global Coaches House can be used as both a haven and a place for development for the coaches who have and continue to work tirelessly with their athletes all year round across the globe in a bid for those magic moments of success.”

A typical day at the Global Coaches House will involve coaching sessions and master classes with high-level keynote speakers. There will be special event days held including a day dedicated to rugby coaching and another to ‘winning women’ in coaching.

Confirmed speakers so far include Dean Benton who works as Athletic Performance Director for the Canberra-based Super 15 franchise, Brumbies Rugby, where he co-ordinates athletic performance, sports medicine, sports science, recovery, rehabilitation and reconditioning programs and Bill Sweetenham who has served as the head coach of national swimming teams at five Olympic Games for three different countries.

Alongside its programme which is free to coaches, the Global Coaches House will run a paid-for programme for international performance coaches who are preparing for a future Olympic or major event coaching role.

The programme, which costs £100 per five-day cycle, will aim to prepare those coaches who are next in line to play a part in the coaching of Olympic athletes for the demands and special requirements of coaching for and at the Games or any other high-profile event.

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