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International Sport Coaching Framework to launch at Global Coaches House

On Wednesday, 1st August at 2.30 pm, the International Sport Coaching Framework (ISCF) will be launched at a special event at the Global Coaches House, London.\

The purpose of the ISCF is to provide an internationally recognised reference point for the education, development and recognition of coaches.

It will do so by defining the key building blocks of any national or international coaching system by defining coaching, coaching occupations and domains, coaching roles, coaching status categories, and the systemic elements around them that support full development and sustainability.

The ISCF is intended to support the creation of relevant, sustainable and high-quality coach education, development and deployment systems world-wide.

The adoption, contextualisation and implementation of the principles contained in the ISCF will support the development of expertise in the coaching frontline as well as offering benefits such as set preparation and performance benchmarks, and the development of systemic progressive improvement.

It will also seek to influence policy and law, promote cooperation and exchange, and encourage research and evaluation.

Human Kinetics, Vice President, Ted Miller said “Human Kinetics is proud to be producing the International Sport Coaching Framework document.”

“It will provide a common language and reference point when defining coaches’ roles and responsibilities—especially in regards to athlete development—and the education and tools they need to fulfil them.”

He concluded “It also offers very useful information to help guide decisions, policies and even legislation concerning coaching.”

It is hoped that after further consultation, an International Convention on the Development and Recognition of Coaches will be signed at the Global Coaching Conference in South Africa in September 2013.

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