Bringing students to book

As lecturers and course administrators are aware, it is becoming increasingly difficult to ensure that students buy their own textbooks.

Human Kinetics has previously devised some innovative schemes to help encourage students to ensure they are properly resourced. This year is no different and several new initiatives and promotional ideas have been launched with the aim of furthering this important objective.

For example, we are offering a 25% discount for UK students who sign up to to the HK Rewards scheme. It will be necessary to enter a special code when ordering and this can be obtained on request.

Lecturers can also help the cause by supporting their campus bookshop by passing on their recommended reading lists. If there is no bookshop on campus we can provide the location of the nearest outlet.

Alternatively we offer a lecturer purchase scheme whereby lecturers themselves buy books from us at generous discounts and then resell them to their students. The discount can either be passed fully onto students or partially retained by the lecturer to cover their expenses and time.

A new concept which has been implemented by a number of higher educational establishments involves key texts being included in the course fee.

Where 3 or more HK titles are included on a reading list and are classed as essential, Human Kinetics is happy to bundle these titles together and offer larger discounts based on quantity.

To discuss any of these options, obtain a student discount code or request additional information please email Charlotte Hydes at or ring her on 0113 255 5665

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