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FREE Mystery Book Offer

With the long dark days of winter fast approaching we’ve decided to give our customers an early Christmas gift and a ray of autumn sunshine all in one surprise package.

Between now and October 31st, every customer based in Europe or the Middle East will be entitled to claim one free book when they purchase at least one other direct from Human Kinetics.

You won’t be able to choose your free gift, that’s why it’s a mystery, but we’ll do our best to make sure it matches your interests and is one which you will be delighted to receive.

The reason we can make this offer is simple. In our warehouse we have a stock of perfectly good books which we are unable to sell for various reasons.

They may for example, have been handled in bookshops and returned unsold or simply superceded by newer editions. Whatever the reason rather than simply re-cycle these otherwise perfectly good books, we want to reward our loyal customers by making a gift of them.

For full details of how to claim your free book and view the terms and conditions that apply
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