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Back to basics for basketball success

Author Lee Rose has been one of basketball’s most knowledgeable and respected coaches over the past 50 years at high school, college and professional levels.

Winning Basketball Fundamentals presents his proven programme for success.

From offense to defence, to transition play and special situations, the book covers every tactical facet of the game and includes insights for improving the execution of each.

It presents popular offensive systems such as the Triangle, LA, Flex, Dribble Drive and Motion, as well as man‐to‐man and zone defensive schemes and suggestions for when and how to deploy and adjust them.

Coach Rose also shares his Performance Rating System, a tool he’s used time and again to develop some of the game’s top players. He explains not only how to identify strengths and weaknesses but also how to use that information to maximize the potential of both individual players and the team.

Flashy and fluke plays might be fun to watch, but you can’t build a successful season or career on them. Winning Basketball Fundamentals presents a winning formula for developing the solid individual skills and team tactics you can count on game after game.

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