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The video every cyclist should watch

This excellent video from London Transport shows just how dangerous it can be for cyclists to cycle up the left side of a lorry stopped at a junction.

The ‘stay safe, stay back’ advice applies when cycling near to a moving lorry or approaching any stationary Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) on the road, at junctions, traffic lights or in slow moving traffic and demonstrates the importance of getting into a position where the lorry driver can see you.

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  2. WHOA!!! That’s an awesome video, thanks for sharing! All drivers of trucks (or lorries? I’m from USA =]) need to see this!!

    I like how all the cyclists were in their gear–helmets and reflective straps, that was a nice touch!

    Speaking of cyclist safety–I have a giveaway going right now for a reflective harness.

    Not that the reflective straps helped in this video…but it’s still a nice harness!

    • I think your slightly missing the point of this video. It was intended to demonstrate to cyclists the restricted view that even the most considerate lorry drivers have and that cyclists should be alert to the danger this poses to their safety.

      • I finally just realized that wordpress keeps track of replies to comments I leave on other blogs…whoops! Anyway, just wanted to reply to your reply … =)

        Nope. I didn’t miss the point. I do get it — I get it every time I ride my bike on the road that there are multiple dangers. Distracted drivers, angry drivers, aggressive drivers, wandering pedestrians, and yes … legitimate restricted views from drivers.

        Cyclists DO tend to be alert already–hyper alert, in fact. So yes, this video is a nice reminder to cyclists about dangers on the road (and, the specific one that applies to lorries and lorry drivers). That point, at the time I was leaving a comment here, seemed incredibly obvious and I didn’t think I’d have to mention it (especially given that you focused on how cyclists need to see it already).

        What I wanted to ADD to your post was that I think lorry drivers should ALSO watch this video. They, after all, are the ones driving the big heavy vehicle and have the potential to seriously harm someone should they forget that they actually CANNOT see everything. I said that because, as a driver, I also get it that my view is sometimes restricted and that I SHOULD be an alert driver so that I don’t harm anyone.

        Besides, I find it terrifying that they are designed to have such major flaws. That is an incredibly large area that they cannot see. Shouldn’t someone be working on technology that improves this flaw?

        Hope that clarifies my point!

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