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Presenting the three key facets of coaching

No single resource can convey everything that a coach should know and do, but Coaching Excellence does the next best thing by building on the basics to provide a wealth of information to enable coaches to become more adept.

Eighteen experts offer knowledge, research and insights that you can apply in working with your athletes, players and teams.

  • Roles and responsibilities of a coach. One size doesn’t fit all, so you will find several examples of successful coaches with quite varied personalities and skills.
  • Plans and methods that stem from the core values and that are implemented in achieving the major goals of the programme.
  • Applications of the sport sciences to enhance fitness and the technical, tactical and mental skills of athletes.

Throughout the text, you will find proven strategies, advice and insights. From evaluating and teaching skills to motivation, nutrition and safety, Coaching Excellence is the complete guide to becoming a complete coach.

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