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Welcome to our 1000th post

FireworksSince the launch of the Human Kinetics Health and Fitness blog in 2007, we have reached the milestone of our 1000th posting.

During the past six years numbers of posts, visitors and followers have steadily risen and we would like to thank everyone for their continued support.

To mark this event, we’ve put together a few statistics that you might find interesting.

279,103  – The total number of views since we started in 2007
154 – The number of countries viewing the blog in the past 12 months
1,240 –  The highest number of hits in one day
2,965  –  The number of tags used
3,524  –  The number of hits for the most popular posting
137 – The current number of followers

In the coming years we will continue to present news stories and research findings from around the world combined with new product information and hope that you find the next thousand posts as interesting as the first.