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GPS technology can help rugby injuries

Rugby InjuryGlobal positioning systems (GPS) are already widely used in sport settings to evaluate the physical demands on players in both training and competition.

However, a new study published in the May issue of the Journal of Sport Rehabilitation, shows that it may also have a role to play in the rehabilitation of injured elite rugby union players.

By attaching GPS devices to eight elite rugby union players for the entire duration of a match, the researchers were able to measure the variables of locomotion speed and distance covered by each player.

From this information, they were able to identify the differences in physical demands between playing positions.

An analysis of the position-specific physical demands measured by GPS provides key information regarding the level and volume of loads sustained by a player in a game environment.

Using this information it is predicted that sports-medicine practitioners can develop bespoke rehabilitation and return-to-running programmes specific to the player position in order to optimise safe return to play.

Source: Journal of Sport Rehabilitation


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