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World’s first self-powering gym

gym-exerciseA British gym has become the first in the world to harness the energy of its users to generate its own electricity.

42 pieces of high-tech equipment, including bikes, cross trainers and ‘vario’ machines at Cadbury House in Congresbury, near Bristol will each feed around 100w per hour back into the building’s power supply.

The technology works by using a dynamo or holding cell and once the user has begun to exercise, the equipment powers up and begins generating electricity from the energy they are producing.

Once the machines have generated enough power to operate, any surplus energy is stored inside a holding cell, or dynamo, which is then fed back into the building’s electricity supply.

The treadmills use innovative brushless motor technology, combined with low friction materials, to reduce their energy consumption by 30 per cent.

The state-of the-art equipment also allows users to connect to the machines using their smart phones.

Each cycling and running machine has a screen on the front, which can access the internet and various TV services, as well as provide access to training information and professionals.

The system, named “Unity”, also allows users to “virtually compete” against anyone else using the same system.

Outside workouts can also be linked to ‘Unity’ so users can keep track of bike rides, runs, hill walks or team sports allowing a complete overview of their physical activity.

Source: Daily Mail


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