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Top brand sunscreens fail tests

As summer approaches a new report in Which magazine shows that paying a lot for sunscreens is no guarantee that you will be protected.

Woman Applying SunscreenWith an estimated 100,000 new cases of skin cancer in the UK each year, it’s vital that you can trust a
sunscreen to protect your skin.

Which tested 15 well-known sunscreens and found that products from big brands Hawaiian Tropic, Malibu and Piz Buin failed their tests.

All of the products tested had a claimed SPF of 30, but the tests found that three sunscreens had results lower than SPF 25, as did a second batch tested later.

A sunscreen that doesn’t offer the protection it claims could expose you to a greater risk of developing sunburn than one that meets its claim, as you will be getting less protection than you think.

In addition, many of us are not applying enough sunscreen, which further reduces the level of protection we’re receiving according to the World Health Organisation

Using sunscreen can get expensive – the recommended amount for a single application can use up a sixth of a 200ml bottle.

You’re meant to reapply every two hours, which means two people could easily use up an entire bottle in a day.

However the test showed that spending more doesn’t guarantee better protection. Calypso sun lotion, at £1.20 per 100ml, was cheapest on the market and passed the watchdog’s tests.

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