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McGeechan and Murray join line up at Global Coaches House

GCH logoGlobal Coaches House
University of Strathclyde, Glasgow
Saturday 26 July to Saturday 2 August 2014

Former Scotland and British Lions Coach Ian McGeechan and current British Fed Cup captain Judy Murray join an impressive list of leading coaching exponents supporting an eight day celebration of coaching during the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

The Global Coaches House will provide a meeting and focal point for the coaches and coaching organisations from around the world as they attend the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games, as well as academics and business professionals with an interest in applying coaching to the needs of their organisations and their own professional development.

GCH is aimed at coaches working at all levels of sport, from those moulding the next Olympian, to those working with a bunch of kids in the local park or guiding adults on their quest to improve their fitness levels and lead a healthier life. GCH is also incredibly valuable to all those who are in the business of developing people (parents, teachers, managers, etc).

It offers visitors the opportunity for networking and social interaction by providing a location to meet friends, colleagues, coaches and business professionals from other countries to share common themes during The Games, and for coaching groups to conduct meetings.

There will also be full a programme of seminars, presentations and workshops featuring leading coaches, sport scientists and business leaders.

In addition to coach interviews and the recording of coach presentations, a number of announcements and programme launches are planned.
GCH will offer a flexible and comprehensive programme of activities across various coaching domains and subjects. There will be both free-for-all sessions as well as pay-to-attend elements accessible by prior booking only.

Human Kinetics will also be on hand to provide visitors with the chance to browse and purchase from the best and most comprehensive range of coaching resources available, including the International Sport Coaching Framework.

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