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HK Europe takes up the Challenge

Ice Bucket challengeLike millions of others worldwide, staff at Human Kinetics Europe took up the “Ice Bucket” challenge in support of charity Macmillan after being kindly nominated by colleagues at HK USA.

For the benefit of anyone who has still not heard about this madcap stunt, the format is simple – nominees (victims) have water, often full of ice cubes, dumped over their head.

They then in turn nominate people they know to undertake the same challenge.

Human Kinetics for example nominated BASES, ICCE, Youth Sport Trust and other HK offices in Canada and Australia.

There have been in excess of 2.4 million ice bucket-related videos posted on Facebook and 28 million people have uploaded, commented on or liked ice bucket-related posts.

To get some idea of the success of the Ice Bucket Challenge, Macmillan Cancer Support alone has already raised £3m from challenges and if you would like to make a donation you can do so here

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