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The passing of a legendary author

Jack WilmoreIt is with deep regret that we announce the death of Jack Wilmore, co-author of Physiology of Sport and Exercise.

In a long and distinguished career, Jack helped lead the profession of physical education into the diverse and highly specialised sport and exercise sciences that make up the field of physiology.

In doing so he helped re-engineer higher education as more universities developed degrees in the physiology fields and professions.

In 1994 Human Kinetics had already published many titles but had yet to challenge the major publishers with a book that could compete for adoption on a popular course.

Physiology of Sport and Exercise became that book and Jack will forever hold a special place in the company’s affections.

He is survived by his widow Dottie; three daughters (Wendy, Kristi, and Melissa) and their husbands; and seven grandchildren.


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