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More and more the International Sport Coaching Framework is being used by sports organisations and governing bodies as an effective research-based platform for the development of their coaches.

The Framework provides a common language, guiding principles, and suggested standards for coaching as to:

  • the primary functions of a coach;
  • roles and responsibilities of a coach in athlete development;
  • qualifications, knowledge and core competencies needed to coach effectively; and
  • methods by which coaches are educated, developed and certified.

The International Sport Coaching Framework serves as a solid base for achieving international coaching standards, and can be readily used for doing so.

But the International Council for Coaching Excellence (ICCE) also developed the Framework with flexibility in mind so that organisations can utilise it to address their unique needs and interests.

Now the ICCE and its publishing partner, Human Kinetics (HK), are keen to assist you in making the Framework’s meet the specific requirements and goals of your coaching programme.

This could be achieved by
Option 1: Adopting the Framework as it is and purchasing quantities at a significant discount.
Option 2: Using much of the Framework as it is but branding it in your organisation’s name and tailoring elements of it to convey programme-specific messages and guidelines.
Option 3: Customising the Framework so that from start to finish it has your organisation’s signature on it, while still retaining much of the basic structure and content of the original work.

The ICCE and Human Kinetics encourage you to take advantage of one of these three options now.

We will work with you to provide the Framework in its most usable, cost-effective format, be that print or electronic, in order to best serve your organisation’s needs.

For further information, please contact Sergio Lara-Bercial at

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