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New advice on the role of coaches in schools

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The Youth Sport Trust and National Partners have issued a joint statement reinforcing their commitment to sustaining high quality PE and school sport – and ensuring that all young people have the best possible introduction through PE teaching and sports coaching.

They believe that as a result of any direct investment into PE and school sport (i.e. the current Primary PE & Sport Premium), there must be long term change in the quality of teaching and learning as well as the contribution of PE and sport to whole school standards.

They support the view that in curriculum time, coaches should not replace or displace teachers, but rather support their work and ensure provision is enhanced.

However they also recognise that coaches can make a valuable contribution to PE and school sport by using their skills to improve the technical knowledge and confidence of teaching staff, as well as delivering additional breakfast, lunchtime and after school provision.

Many schools have identified a role for sports coaching in their PE and school sport offering, and all National Partners believe it is essential for coaches to:

  • be employed by a school when a need has been identified by their PE and school sport review
  • have the recognised minimum qualification, insurance and safeguarding standards to be employed to work in school sport
  • not be used to displace teachers during curriculum time
  • have a sound understanding of what safe practice in PE and sport looks like.

Further guidance on the effective and sustainable use of coaches in schools can be found at the Youth Sport Trust website.

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