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Practitioners: The Missing Link Between Public Health Policy and Physical Activity – a webinar

In October 2014, Public Health England launched Everybody Active Every Day with the chilling finding that it is the UK, not the US, that leads the Western world in inactivity.

Presented by Presented by Stephen van Scoyoc
3:00 PM-4:00 PM GMT,
Wednesday, 18th November, 2015

Public Health England has now made clear its objectives for the health of the nation, but the basis of the fitness and training industry perhaps remains too firmly focussed on lofty goals and careers in performance and sports.

Between the GP identifying a patient in need of lifestyle changes and that patient there is a gap yearning for professionals and evidence based practice to fill.

Sports and performance is exciting – achieving the very best that can be achieved always is – but the other side of this is the modest improvement in the general public’s health that will improve the quality of life throughout the country, reduce demands on health and social services, and improve productivity in the workplace.

Physical activity for health is a sound science, which must be applied to be meaningful. Moreover, there must be one clear voice in the approach and the execution.

At the end of the webinar, you’ll be able to appreciate:

  • The perspective and proposed approach of public health officials
  • The difference between goals in athletics and those in public health
  • The importance of effectively implementing change
  • How to recognise their role and responsibility in helping the public make these changes; and the future demand for specialists in this field.

About the Presenter
Stephen van ScoyocStephen van Scoyoc is a director of S&S van Scoyoc LTD, a provider of physical and mental health consulting and training services; REPS registered trainer in exercise referral and older adult specialist; former strength trainer for judo players and wrestlers (AAU & USJA); Physical Activity Consultant for SOR Training (USA), US Navy disabled veteran; and CPD rep for the Physical Activity Division of BASES.

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