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AFPT Convention 2016

Human Kinetics is pleased to be partnering with the AFPT Convention 2016. This year’s event takes place in Oslo, Norway from 26-28th August 2016.

15477_401950756621491_2029180637873669191_nThe convention aims to provide enthusiasts of exercise, nutrition and health with a platform for learning and teaching. It hosts a number of lectures from the various different fields of expertise, with the speakers drawing on their knowledge.

There’s a variety of lectures and workshops to ensure attendees leave inspired by the newest and most groundbreaking research in the training, health and nutrition fields.

Three Human Kinetics authors will also be speaking at the event. Nick Tumminello is scheduled to speak on Saturday, with Brad Schoenfeld and Bret Contreras leading separate discussions around strength and conditioning on Sunday.

The AFPT is offering a 20% discount on the authors’ books when purchased from their website. These titles can then be collected from the event.

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