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Human Kinetics ancillaries and how to access them

Did you know most of our textbooks come with ancillaries? These instructor resources are free to course adopters and granted by your sales representative. You can create a well-organised syllabus using the tools from our ancillaries and test your students understanding by building quizzes from test packages using sample exercises.

This post was last updated in November 2022.

What do you get as an instructor?

Each book may vary in terms of the ancillary materials available. However below we explore some of the resources which may be included.

Test Package

This gives you a selection of questions for each chapter, both multiple choice, and essay format. They can be utilised to create your own tests and quizzes for use with your students and classes.

Instructor Guide

This covers areas that students often find difficult to understand. It includes suggested course outlines, reading schedules and class assessments, as well as key references, chapter quizzes and video clips.

Presentation Package

These ready-made presentations, for every chapter of the book, feature hundreds of slides highlighting the key concepts, including images and video clips. There’s also a blank presentation template for you to pick and choose relevant content specific to your course.

Image Bank

All of the figures, tables and diagrams contained in the text, sorted by chapter, can be used to develop customised presentations based on your specific course requirements. You can also use them to create flyers and handouts for your students.

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What do your students get?

Like the ancillary materials, the student materials may vary from book to book.

Web Study Guide

The student resource comes with new texts and eBooks and includes tips, key points and activities, such as video-based projects and self assessments.

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Human Kinetics is pleased to introduce HKPropel, a new ancillary delivery and learning platform! The new platform offers the same ancillary components we currently produce but is more modern and will help us offer additional new ancillary tools, such as free eBooks for instructors.

To access your instructor ancillaries through HKPropel, you must complete our inspection copy feedback form. Upon confirmation of your adoption we will email you an access code along with instructions on how to create an account and navigate the site for the first time.

As we complete our transition to HKPropel, some existing product ancillaries will continue to be hosted in our legacy system. If your instructor ancillaries are not yet available on HKPropel, you can access them through My E-Products. Upon receipt of your ancillary access request, you will be guided to the relevant platform for your instructor ancillaries.

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