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Introducing the eight pack

Eight-PackNew research published in the journal Muscles for Brains reveals an astonishing outcome of a new, rigorous, strength and conditioning programme: the eight pack.

Researchers at the Institute for Studies at the University of Little Nouse, California have reported the development of a fourth set of abdominal muscles in 31% of a test group of over 1500 male and female volunteers who undertook the rigorous programme over a 6 month period.

Lead researcher Avril Polo said “I was astounded when quite a high percentage of the study group first reported what appeared to be a further two pairs of muscles developing in the rectus abdominus.”

This was not the super defined midsection that is lean and well-toned and often referred to as an eight pack, but two additional muscles.

Further research will be required to establish whether this is simply a short-lived local phenomenon or a hitherto undiscovered anatomical anomaly.

Ivor Fooldure, leading bodybuilder and gym owner said, “I’ll be devastated if an eight pack becomes the norm. It’s taken many years of hard work and dedication to achieve my current physique.”

He went on, “If the eightpack becomes the norm then we’ll have to tear up the regulations regarding competition rules.”

Leading Brewer Budweiser said it had no plans at present to repackage its cans into eight units but a spokesman said they were aware of the timing of this announcement and would react accordingly.

Source: Journal of Muscles for Brains

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  2. I guess two pairs of new muscles developing in one’s body would put one in a quandary as to how to handle this. I agree that further study needs to be done if this , in fact, will become the norm rather than it just being a recent finding among a group of atletes.

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