Swimming Drill Book

Bestselling swimming drill book returns for a second edition

Our best selling swimming drill book returns. With more than 175 drills and expert instruction, it’s been updated, expanded and improved. Both coaches and swimmers are presented with drills to improve technique and performance.

The book also features information on buoyancy and body balance, breathing, kicking and sculling. These are supported by new chapters on poolside strength training and open-water swimming.

Whether you’re a beginner or a national athlete, you’ll develop smoother technique, greater strength and endurance and faster times by using all the drills in this new edition of The Swimming Drill Book.

Improving swimming performance relies heavily on correct technique. Efficiency in entering the water and moving through it can cut seconds off personal bests, making a huge difference in competition.

The Swimming Drill Book, 2nd Edition is available to buy now from humankinetics.com priced at £14.99 / €18.00 (HK Rewards Members £11.99 / €14.40)

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