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British Wheel of Yoga member review of The Physiology of Yoga

Want to find out what to expect from The Physiology of Yoga before you buy? Find British Wheel of Yoga member, Monica Fryer’s review below.

Twenty years ago when I began my yoga teaching journey, it was hard to find books specifically on the anatomy and physiology of yoga. After an injury, curiosity led me to look outside of the yoga community to study with strength-based professionals, and biomechanic teachers, including Jules Mitchell, writer of [The Physiology of Yoga] foreword and author of Yoga Biomechanics.

With more than 20 years of experience in anatomy and physiology, combined with a passion for yoga, the writers saw a gap in yoga anatomy education that leaves some yoga teachers misinformed or unnecessarily fearful of hurting their students. The Physiology of Yoga looks at how the body’s systems work, function together, and how the body is affected when we practice yoga. Delving into evidence-based research of yoga practices, instructions, and some common conditions they explore myths or facts.

So, on a physiological level what happens to our bodies during and after a yoga practice? One aim of the book is to examine ‘old wives’ tales’. For example: ‘Do twists detoxify? Do inversions cause a reversal of blood flow? Can the immune system be enhanced?’ As McGonigle and Huy say: ‘Because they are uttered so often, many yogis and teachers begin to consider them fact.’

So much information is packed into this book that will engage, inform yoga practitioners, and encourage more self-enquiry. I particularly enjoyed the ‘try it yourself’ sections.

The book’s goal is not to diminish classical yoga but to champion with evidence- based research, non-judgmental discussion, and some humour, helping teachers to possess a greater sense of agency and so, teach with more confidence.

An excerpt from The Physiology of Yoga

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The British Wheel of Yoga

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The Physiology of Yoga

Andrew McGonigle and Matthew Huy

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