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Human Kinetics speaks your language

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¿Hablas espanol? ты говоришь по русски? Parlez vous francais? Sprichst du Deutsch? Parli italiano? Spreek je Nederlands?

If English is not your native language and you love Human Kinetics books, did you know that a translated version may be available? Translated versions of many of our books exist in a number of languages, from French to Russian and Italian to Dutch. 

In this blog post we look at some of our translated texts and where you can buy them.

Spanish translation

Yoga Anatomy, Third Edition / Anatomia del Yoga, Tercera Edicion

Over 1 million copies of Yoga Anatomy have been sold to date, so it is no wonder that this book has become the go-to resource for yoga practitioners, instructors and enthusiasts alike. This expanded edition provides updated and brand new content including:

  • A new chapter on the nervous system, outlining its key functions and roles in the body.
  • A Breathing Inquiry section with each asana to illuminate the connection between breathing and a movement practice.
  • Expanded chapters on breathing and the spine to address disc anatomy and damage as well as back pain.

Yoga Anatomy has been translated into a number of languages including Spanish. You can buy Anatomia del Yoga and other Spanish translated versions via organisations including Ediciones Tutor, Editorial Medica Panamericana, Editorial Paidotribo amongst others.

French translation

Daniels’ Running Formula, Fourth Edition

Daniels’ Running Formula provides runners of all distances information on how to apply Daniels’ revolutionary VDOT system to their training. So you can perform your best, whether you’re training for 800m or ultra-distances. You will learn about different types of training including treadmill training and training at altitude, plus you will also find age-related modifications from ages 6-80.Daniels’ Running Formula has been translated into a number of languages including French. You can buy the French translation of Daniels’ Running Formula and other translated versions via organisations including 4Trainer Editions and Editions Vigot.

Russian translation

Mastering Mountain Bike Skills, Third Edition

Learn from the elite perspectives and real-life race stories of world-champion racer Brian Lopes and renowned riding coach Lee McCormack. From enduro to dual slalom, and cross-country to fatbiking – this go-to guide covers a range of mountain bike disciplines which allows you to learn all you need to maximise performance on the trail. Learn how to confidently execute techniques with power and precision, plus how to select the right mountain bike for you and customize it for your riding style.Mastering Mountain Bike Skills has been translated into a number of languages including Russian. You can buy the Russian translation of Mastering Mountain Bike Skills and other translated versions via organisations including Mann, Ivanov and Ferber, Popuri and AST Publishing Group.

You may also be interested in the following blog from the Chief Editor of Mann, Ivanov and Ferber’s sport and fitness department, about everything running >


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