Author: Human Kinetics

The truth about yoga

Yoga has an abundance of benefits for the mind and body. As someone who teaches your practices yoga yourself you may often hear claims about yogas impact, but are they all true? In these post we explore some common claims about yoga to cut the fact from the fiction, adapted from The Physiology of Yoga.

How to start your own sports podcast

Podcasts have grown in popularity in recent years as an accessible and inexpensive way both for listeners to access valued content, and for podcasters to push out their message. The best part is, if you’re looking to start your own podcast, you won’t need much to get started. In this post we explore what you’ll need to consider when setting up your own podcast, adapted from Sports Broadcasting. Before you start It’s a good idea to give your podcast some thought before you jump in. Here’s a few questions to consider: What is the show about? This seems like an easy enough question to answer, but in many cases it is best to be as specific as possible when deciding what the show is going to be about. For example, perhaps you want to create a show about basketball. That seems like a good topic, but the term “basketball” is a very broad. University? Professional? Women’s? Men’s? A specific team? Tips on how to play better? Simply saying that a show is about basketball could …

How to get into a nutrition career

Nutrition is one of those topics that many people find fascinating. Because of this, it’s a popular career choice. In this article, guest author Future Fit Training will look at the different types of nutrition professionals, how their job specifications differ, and the nutrition qualifications and experience you need for each role.