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Sainsbury’s 2012 School Games under starter’s orders

Around 1,600 of the nation’s finest young sports stars will compete in the Sainsbury’s 2012 School Games, cheered on by an estimated 35,000 spectators at what will be will be the last event to be held on the Olympic Park before the opening ceremony on 27th July.

Many disabled children fail to reach their full potential

Many disabled children fail to reach their full potential because they continue to be marginalised in schools, health and social care, according to new research funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC). “We found that disabled children often experience discrimination, exclusion and even violence,” say Professor Dan Goodley and Dr Katherine Runswick-Cole, who implemented the study at the Manchester Metropolitan University. “The biggest barriers they meet are the attitudes of other people and widespread forms of institutional discrimination.”

Encouraging people with disabilities to experience physical success

Those involved in the care and development of individuals with disabilities, have both the opportunity and challenge to provide movement experiences that fit within the scope of each person’s abilities. Physical Activities In the Wheelchair and Out helps create physical activity options that encourage success by honouring the capabilities of each person under care. By suggesting ways that many familiar skills, games and activities might be performed, Physical Activities In the Wheelchair and Out offers opportunities for those with mobility challenges and disabilities to participate on their own terms. Price: £15.99 I €19.20 Find out more