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Volleyball for all

People aged 16 upwards from across England are being offered the chance to get a taste of an Olympic sport this summer as Volleyball England launches its Go Spike campaign.

Go Spike sessions will be running at a range of music, entertainment and charity events from now until September, while the volleyball club network will also be running regular sessions in parks and other public spaces, encouraging local passers-by to come and try the game.

Volleyball England is launching the campaign to get more people involved in a sport which is one of the top three most played in the world. In turn, the campaign will help to get the nation feeling fit and fabulous through social, high energy and, most of all, fun and flexible sessions.

As a sport, Volleyball, Beach Volleyball and Sitting Volleyball, the Paralympic version of the game, will all feature at the London 2012 Games. One of the Go Spike aims is to encourage people of any ability to get involved, get excited and follow the sport to 2012 and beyond.

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