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Alcohol sports sponsorship ‘fuels binge drinking’

Beer and cider companies which sponsor sports clubs could be responsible for making Britain’s binge drinking culture worse, a leading medic has warned. Speaking in response to a study that showed a link between alcohol sponsorship and heavy drinking, Professor Ian Gilmore, president of the Royal College of Physicians, called for a debate on whether such deals should be banned.

All in the big-money game

With the huge sums involved in staging landmark sporting events don’t rule out a Chelsea MBA appearing on the syllabus If anyone had any doubt about the world-changing nature of sport and the huge sums involved in staging landmark sporting events, the Beijing Olympic Games was as powerful a rejoinder as could be imagined. From the vast infrastructure projects to the iconic stadiums, Beijing spared no expense. London 2012’s £9 billion budget seems like loose change in comparison. What both the Beijing and London Olympics prove is the closeness of the relationship between big business and sport. Once unlikely bedfellows, they are now bosom buddies. Indeed, the United Nations has calculated that sport may account for almost 3 per cent of global economic activity. In the UK sport is thought to generate around 2.5 per cent of GDP. This close link between sport and business is being validated by MBA programmes with a sport element. Sport management is increasingly featured on MBA programmes – after all, huge projects requiring vast sums of money need the …