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Recreation, Event and Tourism Businesses

Recreation, Event, and Tourism Businesses: Start-Up and Sustainable Operations uncovers the keys to business success in the commercial recreation, event and tourism sector – one of the fastest-growing segments in the tourism and recreation industry.

Recreation, Event and Tourism BusinessesUntil now, students, professors and professionals interested in this growing industry have been forced to rely on general business or basic recreation texts as their main reference source. With Recreation, Event, and Tourism Businesses, the authors have combined their expertise both as business owners and professors, to offer a comprehensive and industry-specific textbook and a step-by-step guide for new business start-ups.

Written from both entrepreneurial and operations management perspectives, the book provides a practical overview of the recreation, event and tourism (RET) field and the business planning process. A new conceptual model of the RET industry is presented and related to existing models. It explains how the industry works and examines the key components of commercial RET businesses. It also describes how companies are started, operated, and managed, including information on service issues, risk management, finance, and marketing. It also provides examples of how RET businesses can be operated in a more sustainable, environmentally friendly manner.

Many of the topics covered in this book are key learning components for people wishing to obtain certification as a commercial recreation professional. Recreation, Event, and Tourism Businesses provides students with practical business concepts and content that link to the core principles of the RET field so that they will be professionally prepared to deliver appropriate services.

They will explore contemporary management practices while discovering the diverse career opportunities available in the RET industry.

Supplementary Instructional Materials

A range of Free ancillaries are available to course adopters

Instructor guide
The instructor guide contains sample course syllabi, chapter outlines, discussion questions, and direct links to additional resources on the Internet.

Test package
The test package consists of over 200 ready-made multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, true-and-false, and essay and short-answer questions that cover content from all 13 chapters.

Presentation package
The presentation package includes nearly 300 slides covering all 13 chapters in PowerPoint format.

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