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Unlicensed tanning drug causing concern

It may be grim outside and with the party season almost upon us we all may look a little pasty, but some people may be risking their long term health for the sake of a fake tan.

Experts say that an illegal tanning drug which is injected into the skin may have serious health implications and has already been to linked to nausea, high blood pressure and panic attacks

The drug is called Melanotan, a synthetic hormone that has the chemical name afamelanotide. As well as darkening the skin, it is also believed to boost libido and cut appetite, which is why it has been nicknamed the “Barbie drug”.

It is unlicensed for use in the UK but it can be obtained online illegally and under the counter in some gyms and beauty salons.

Source: Daily Express

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  1. Melanotan / afamelanotide says

    Don’t know if you folks have read it but there’s an excellent article that’s just been published by Wired Magazine about the melanotan peptides:

    They cover how Clinuvel has just received FDA approval to conduct human clinical trials for melanotan one, “afamelanotide”.


  2. skingenesishayley says

    I would advise people to hold back from using this product until it is legal to use and has gone through thorough testing. I would never risk my health just so that I could have an even tan. The fact that the product is being sold illegally on the internet puts me off straight away!

  3. melanotan-1 Scenesse says

    Perhaps the latest development with respect to the topic of this blog entry will be of interest?

    melanotan-1 (afamelanotide / Scenesse) has gotten approval by the Italian Medicines Agency to help erythropoietic protoporphyria EPP sufferers develop photoprotective pigmentation against the painful photosensitivity that they are ordinarily obliged to endure when out in the light. Such protective pigmentation allows these folks the possibility to live more ordinary lives.

    Here is the news.

  4. melanotan-1 Scenesse says

    Sorry the “Here is the news” link is broken above.

    Here it is:

    Australian LifeScientist article

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