Jumping and vaulting to success

The world’s top track and field coaches have combined to bring you the world’s top track and field resource.
Long jump, triple jump, high jump and pole vault. From techniques and training to strategy and mental preparation, Winning Jumps and Pole Vault is the only book that covers it all.

Renowned coach Ed Jacoby and the all-star line-up of Cliff Rovelto, Tom and Kyle Tellez, Irving “Boo” Schexnayder, Greg Hull, Will Freeman and Keith Henschen share the secrets and strategies that have produced 62 US champions, 15 Olympic gold medalists and numerous other world medalists and champions.

Every phase of every event, from approach to take off and landing, is described to convey proper technique. Learn how to recognise and correct common technical flaws and rely on over 25 event-specific drills to perfect technique.

Table of Contents

Part I: Biomechanics of Jumping and Pole Vault
Chapter 1. The Approach (by Ed Jacoby)
Chapter 2. Take off and Landing (by Ed Jacoby)

Part II: Event Technique, Strategy, and Programming
Chapter 3. Long Jump (by Kyle Tellez and Tom Tellez)
Chapter 4. Triple Jump (by Boo Schexnayder)
Chapter 5. High Jump (by Cliff Rovelto)
Chapter 6. Pole Vault (by Greg Hull)

Part III: Shaping the Mind, Body and Programme
Chapter 7. Mental Training (Dr. Keith Henschen)
Chapter 8. Performance Training (by Will Freeman)
Chapter 9. Designing Your Programme (by Will Freeman)

With pre-event preparation, conditioning programmes and jump and vault strategies, Winning Jumps and Pole Vault is the one resource track and field coaches and athletes can’t afford to be without.

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