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Updated Edition of Beth Shaw’s Yoga Classic

Whether you are a fitness buff searching for a new challenge or a yoga enthusiast looking to supplement your exercise routine, Beth Shaw’s YogaFit will help you reach your ultimate physical potential!

This cutting-edge fitness programme combines tough aerobic exercise with the strength and flexibility of yoga to create a total body workout.

With YogaFit, you’ll experience not only increased overall health, energy and vitality, but also a stronger and leaner body reduced stress and tension, better posture, improved concentration and a higher level of fitness.

Written by Beth Shaw the internationally renowned exercise expert who has trained more than 75,000 fitness instructors on six continents, this book presents more than 85 YogaFit poses organised into workout routines that you can use every day. The text includes information on using YogaFit as a training tool for sports and creating personalised routines to meet your own needs.

The book is in three parts:

Part I Preparing to Be YogaFit
Chapter 1. YogaFit Essentials
Chapter 2. YogaFit Breathing
Chapter 3. The YogaFit Lifestyle
Chapter 4. The Three Mountains of YogaFit: Warm-Up, Work, and Cool-Down

Part II Purposeful Poses
Chapter 5. Core Strength and Stability
Chapter 6. Standing and Balance Poses
Chapter 7. Forward and Backward Bends
Chapter 8. Twists
Chapter 9. Deep Relaxing Stretches and Inversions

Part III Putting It All Together
Chapter 10. Workouts for Fitness and Sports
Chapter 11. Diet and Nutrition
Chapter 12. Meditation

What the Experts say

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading Beth Shaw’s YogaFit. The style is very user-friendly, approachable, and contemporary, allowing the reader to engage with the text. The advice and step-by-step instructions were easy to follow.”
Halima Malik
Yoga Magazine

“Beth Shaw’s YogaFit offers an effective exercise plan, creating a unique fusion of yoga moves with toning, firming, and strengthening exercises. People will love this book.”
Carol Ann Weber
Contributing Editor, FitnessRx Magazine

Join the millions of people who have already tried YogaFit and proved that it works. You’ll get results in a few weeks and benefits that last a lifetime.

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