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New Yoga Class for Mothers and Babies

Genesta Jackson and Baby Ronin

A new spin on yoga has begun in California, Mother and Baby Yoga classes! It includes strengthening and flexibility exercises and provides new mothers the chance to get back in tune with their bodies after the stresses of labour.

Course teacher, Michelle McAllister takes the mothers and babies through a series of activities, such as breathing, stretching, positioning and curling and was inspired to do so after completing training in San Francisco.

“It provides time for mothers and the chance to bring their babies somewhere that has a relaxed atmosphere and employs a flexible approach.” she said.

Genesta Jackson is one of the new mothers taking part in the mum and baby classes. Having practiced yoga for some years she wanted some form of gentle exercise, that would also allow her to involve her baby. “I get to have a little ‘me-time’ and enjoy my baby at the same time.” she said.

The only requirement to take the class is that new mothers get approval from their doctors.

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