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Aiming for success

Master technique, improve accuracy and achieve competitive excellence with Rifle: Steps to Success. Olympic gold medalist, world record holder and respected coach Launi Meili shares the training secrets used by the top target shooters in the sport.

Rifle: Steps to Success covers every aspect of the sport:

  • Equipment selection and fitting
  • Safe shooting guidelines
  • Proven techniques for improved accuracy in the prone, standing, kneeling and sitting positions
  • Mental and physical training
  • Shooting drills to increase all-around consistency
  • Practise, prematch and competitive routines

Instructor Guide
Includes lecture topics, physical activities, student assignments in both a 20-session and 32-session framework, introductory notes, key points of technique, common errors and solutions, teaching modifications and skill application, plus additional resources such as Web sites, books, DVDs and videos. Also included are test questions in multiple-choice, true or false, fill-in-the-blank and short answer format, plus student evaluation guidelines.


“Rifle: Steps to Success really hits the mark! I highly recommend it to anyone interested in becoming an air rifle shooter as well as experienced target shooters looking for ways to improve their performance.
Marcus Raab, National Coach Trainer
National Rifle Association of America

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