Recreation Facility Management

The management of sporting facilities is a complex responsibility. Professionals in this field are responsible for a variety of facilities including recreation centres, water parks and pools, playgrounds, parks, fitness centres, sport complexes and resorts – each with its own set of goals and challenges.

Recreation Facility Management: Design, Development, Operations, and Utilization provides students and new professionals with a basic understanding of recreation facilities and prepares them to perform the duties required of a recreation facility manager.

Part I of Recreation Facility Management provides a detailed look at the foundations of the profession, including the defining characteristics of recreation facility management, descriptions of the duties of a recreation facility manager and the various areas within the facilities.

Also featured are descriptions of common indoor and outdoor elements of facilities, including sites, spaces, lighting, surfaces, utilities, landscaping, walkways and parking areas.

The remaining parts of the book details the practical knowledge and skills as well as tasks and processes required for managing different of recreational facilities.


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