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Thoroughly updated with the latest research, Worksite Health Handbook makes a strong case for the formulation, introduction and implementation of health and fitness programmes in the workplace.

Worksite Health HandbookIt provides an overview of contextual issues, including a history of the subject, current thinking, legal perspectives and the role of health policies within the workplace.

It also gives information on methods of assessment, measurement and evaluation (including health and productivity assessment tools), the economic benefits of health improvement programmes and the appropriate use of claims-based analysis and planning.

The book provides a thorough discussion of programme design and implementation, including the application of behavioural change theory, new ways of using data to engage participants, use of technology and social networks to improve effectiveness and key features of best-practice programmes.

It goes on to examine various strategies for encouraging employee involvement, such as incorporating online communities and e-health, providing incentives, using medical self-care programmes, making changes to the built environment and combining wellness with health and safety.

This is a professional reference book for workplace health promotion professionals and a supplemental text for final year undergraduate and graduate students in health promotion programmes.

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