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ASICS Running 2009

ASICS Running 2009 is a new event taking place on 10th June, 2009, which draws together the different disciplines associated with running.

The aim is to facilitate sharing of current evidence and innovative ideas. This can then be used in practice to maintain the health of the runner and promote optimal rehabilitation in the event of injury.

The day is divided into four sections:

1. The Physiological Science of Running
2. The Biomechanical Science of Running
3. Rehabilitation of the Injured Runner
4. The Future of Running

ASICS Running 2009 will be held in Northamptonshire, United Kingdom, and would be most beneficial for professionals involved in the training and rehabilitation of athletes who run (all levels including elite), including:

Sports Therapists / Sports Rehabilitators
Sports Physicians
Sports Scientists
Sports Lecturers / Teachers
Serious runners / athletes

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