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Assessment of individual functional abilities

Functional Testing in Human PerformanceFunctional Testing in Human Performance offers a unique and comprehensive reference for assessment of physical activities in sport, recreation, work and daily living. By presenting the theory and detailing the practice, this text assists clinicians in understanding and incorporating functional testing to identify their patients’ or clients’ limitations and go on to enhance their performance, rehabilitation and daily activity.

It is a comprehensive learning tool for students and an essential reference for advanced clinicians. The text defines the role of function in physical performance and how it can be appropriately tested.

Especially helpful for inexperienced practitioners, the text explains testing criteria, testing terms relevant to research and selecting the most appropriate test and testing sequence.

Common testing mistakes are also presented as well as pitfalls to avoid when testing. The text also includes case studies that illustrate a variety of situations – including testing for a client recovering from a lower-extremity injury, discussing pre-season testing for a large group of athletes and presenting the study of a client in an occupational setting.

These cases include detailed statistical analysis and normative data, offering clinicians the opportunity to consider the application of functional testing and implementation strategies adaptable to their specific practice setting.

Throughout the text, the functional tests are accompanied by photos for visual clarity and to enhance understanding, a companion DVD features live-action demonstrations of 40 of the most advanced tests.

Icons on those test pages indicate they are modelled on the DVD. In addition, the DVD may be loaded onto a computer to offer convenient print-on-demand access to reproducible forms for recording data from selected tests.

Functional Testing in Human Performance offers clinicians the first-ever compilation of information on clinical and data-based functional testing for sport, exercise and occupational settings. It serves as a primary resource for the accurate assessment of individuals’ functional abilities in order to develop performance-enhancing programmes.