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Human Kinetics and the International Coalition on Aging and Physical Activity (ICAPA) are pleased to announce the launch of the Active Ageing Community Centre, the first of a planned series of such interactive community websites.

Its aim is to advance the field of active ageing collectively across the globe and community members will have the opportunity to publish their own articles and research as well as join in discussion forums, access career development opportunities and generally keep abreast of the latest trends.

They will do this principally through access to our new online journal, Active Aging Today and a discussion board, Forum.

This is an online multimedia journal for practitioners and administrators who lead and direct physical activity programmes for older adults and will report on practices and programmes that successfully engage older participants.

Each bi-monthly issue will provide practical articles written by experts in the field and will also feature these regular columns:

Reach will show how practitioners have recruited participants, instructors and other professionals to be involved in exercise programmes.

Effectiveness highlights programmes that have been proven to work, whether in research settings or more large-scale applications.

Research to Practice explores how people have translated research into successful community practice.

Special Populations presents programmes designed to help people with diseases and disabilities and details special considerations of the population.

Face to Face offers interviews with practitioners, researchers and older adults about what they do and how their programmes operate.

World Report discusses initiatives related to ageing and physical activity across the globe.

Features present in-depth pieces that cover a wide variety of topics of interest to practitioners.

The forum is an online discussion board will cover trends and provocative issues in the field. Each month we will host a scholarly issues forum (moderated by a researcher) and a professional issues forum (moderated by a practitioner).

Special member discounts
When you subscribe to AACC+ you also receive special member discounts from Human Kinetics. Premium members receive a 20% discount on online courses, journal subscriptions, books, DVDs and many other HK products.

You can use this discount on any product available in the Active Ageing store at There is no minimum order and the discount can be used as often as you like throughout the year. Premium members are also eligible for a 20% discount on registration fees for the World Congress on Active Ageing. These savings could easily pay for the cost of your yearly subscription!


We’re celebrating the launch of the Active Aging Community Centre by offering a free 3-month trial subscription to AACC+, the premium section of the site. Take advantage of this special offer today and you’ll receive access to our Forum discussion boards and the first two bi-monthly issues of Active Ageing Today, our new online journal.

Don’t delay! This special offer expires on 15th August 2009.

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  1. Marianthi says

    Is anyone in the forum aware of investigations about postural ´desintegrations´ on the way due to greatly increased sitting time for humans over the last 10 years? In my estimate this is a sample of sitting time spent daily in North America: Watching T.V. 3 hours, computer: 3 hours, school desk (when applicable) 5 hours. Driving (when applicable): 2 hours. Miscellaneous: 1 hour.

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