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International Conference of Sport Kinetics

Sport Conference

11th International Conference of Sport Kinetics
Current and future directions in human kinetics research
25th – 27th September 2009, Kallithea, Halkidiki, Greece

Physical education and recreation teachers, coaches, medical doctors and physiotherapists, students and scientists specialising in all aspects of human kinetics will have the opportunity to discuss the subject of the “Current and Future Directions in Human Kinetics Research”.

Up to 350 Delegates will be able to meet, interact and exchange knowledge with each other during the conference which will feature invited, internationally recognised speakers from Europe and the USA.

Discussions will centre around new developments in research, techniques, procedures and theoretical achievements in human kinetics and will comprise 10 Keynote Lectures, 9 Workshop Lectures, 90 Oral Presentations and 162 Poster Presentations.

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