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Salute the ageing athlete

Second Wind: The Rise of the Ageless Athlete is an absorbing account of a growing subculture of people who are challenging the notion of what it means to grow old.

While throngs of older folks are exercising, the majority of Baby Boomers live sedentary lives and obesity rates are also climbing.

Older athletes can act as role models for an ageing population and we need to understand how they live and train like never before.

While these active baby boomers can hardly be considered old, they are already rewriting the rules of ageing. Their stories of trials and perseverance will help motivate their less active peers to take exercise and achieve their best.

Some older athletes are blessed with tremendous talent. But others didn’t start until middle age. If there is a common thread in their lives, it’s a belief that an athletic act, executed with old bones and muscle, can give meaning to life in ways that love and religion can not.

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