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Active School pack re-launched

This popular resource has been updated for 2009 to highlight how schools can adopt a whole school approach to physical activity.

It provides practical ideas to help improve physical activity provision and promote increased activity among all pupils within the curriculum and beyond.

The pack contains information on the many available resources, training, initiatives and contacts that can help schools develop their physical activity provision.

The new Active School Pack will help teachers establish physical activity at the heart of their school by providing case study examples and practical tips in those areas which are most relevant to your school with clear, easily achievable steps.

The pack has been split into 9, stand-alone sections which take the user through the school day and can be given to staff members who lead on the various areas of provision.

In each section is a booklet containing practical tips on improving the provision in the specified area as well as activity cards and/or templates with specific practical ideas to get you started.

There are over 100 activity cards with simple practical ideas across the school day and an example of a Scheme of Work for PE which focuses on multi skills rather than traditional sports.

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  1. Kevin says

    Physical activity just won’t cut it I’m afraid. As a teacher in Scotland ( home of the sick man of Europe – Glasgow ) I was heartened to read in the SNP manifesto, prior to them acceding to power, that teachers would be re-trained to become specialists and deliver 2 hours of quality Physical EDUCATION per week.
    I signed up….did a 2 year post graduate diploma in Primary PE and am yet to get the call. The SNP government dropped the pledge yet are still training teachers to be PE specialists…it’s a complete mess and PE is slowly drifting away to the periphery again instead of where it should be….at the centre of ALL learning.
    Physical Activity is a cop out…better than nothing…but a cop out and teachers won’t do it, the curriculum id burgeoning under the strain as it is.

    Oh I hate being so negative but I’ve had a really bad experience on this one….sorry

  2. Ken McKay says

    Kevin, I understand your frustrations but your comments are not strictly true. Angus Council has 7 teachers who have done this qualification and 6 now work part-time with the present PE specialists(whilst continuing part-time in their schools) to increase the PE specialist support to all our primary schools. The other teacher has taken on extra responsibility for teaching PE in her own school. You should be asking Glasgow City Council why they are not making better use of you.
    What I do agree with is SNP commitment, which said 400 new PE teachers for primary school support, was a smokescreen. They train primary teachers who are then not used strategically, hence your frustration

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