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5th Edition of Directory of Sport Science

The Directory of Sport Science, Fifth Edition, is a comprehensive reference work covering the entire field of exercise science.

Written by the International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education (ICSSPE) and a team of international scholars, this book gives readers an informed overview of the sport science field with discussion of key functions, methodology, history, organisations, and resources for each sub-discipline and thematic area.

This book will deepen the common understanding of each prominent area of sport science and strengthen the field as a whole. Readers will gain a clear view of the history and current status of each sub-discipline in exercise science, and they will receive essential information to expand their study of the field and explore their potential contributions to its development and success.

An invaluable reference for those currently working in the field of sports science and for those studying to do so.

Price: £38.00 I €41.80

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