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Reducing injury and improving performance through Ergonomics.

Ergonomics in Sport and Physical Activity: Enhancing Performance and Improving Safety is the first text to provide an in-depth discussion of how the principles of ergonomics can be applied in the context of sport and other physical activities to reduce injury and improve performance.

The text blends concepts from biomechanics, physiology and psychology as it shows how ergonomics is applied to physical activity.

This comprehensive text outlines methods for assessing risk in and procedures for dealing with stress, eliminating hazards and evaluating challenges posed in specific work or sporting environments.

It discusses issues such as the design of effective equipment, clothing and playing surfaces, methods of assessing risk in situations and staying within appropriate training levels to reduce fatigue and avoid overtraining.

The text not only examines sport ergonomics but also discusses ergonomic considerations for physically active special populations.

It is a reference for biomechanists, exercise physiologists, ergonomists, physical and occupational therapists, athletic trainers, sports physicians, personal trainers, fitness specialists and physical therapy students.

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