Let your fingers do the running

These are the revolutionary shoes that Italian manufacturers Vibram claim to mimic what it is like to run barefoot and have been used by coaches such as Linford Christie and recommended by osteopaths.

Many experts believe that by forcing the heel to strike the ground first, normal trainers can actually cause problems such as shin splints.

One answer is said to be minimalist footwear that encourages runners to strike the ground with the forefoot and use nerves on the soles of our feet that are designed to send complex signals to the brain but lie lazy and dormant in cushioned trainers.

Whether this is just another fad or a serious advance in running technology remains to be seen, but when Vibram founder Vitale Bramani invented the first rubber soles for mountaineering boots in 1935, it was the beginning of a revolution in climbing so maybe a similar breakthrough is in the offing.

If you’ve used these trainers or have any opinion on their effectiveness or otherwise, we’d like to hear from you.

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