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It is well documented that children are more sedentary than ever before and part of the reason for this lies in the fact that they don’t perceive activity as being fun.

Everybody Move! Second Edition is a comprehensive multimedia resource package filled with great ideas for getting groups moving and having fun.

Through it, you can promote daily physical activity and make a positive difference in the lives of your students.

The package contains a Teacher Guide featuring 54 fun fitness activities, 32 moving-to-music activities, 14 choreographed line dances, tips on training leaders and 9 keys to implementing a daily physical activity programme.

A CD is also included which has 80 minutes of music for use with fitness station activities, aerobics and dance routines of between 3 to 10-minute duration.

The final element is a DVD which offers more than 230 activity cards in PDF format, which you can print and use in your classroom. On the DVD-ROM, you’ll also find demonstrations of over 100 dance moves that you can put to any music to create your own activity routine, plus breakdowns of dance moves and complete dances that you can follow.

With this resource, anyone can get students moving and having fun, regardless of expertise or limitations on space or equipment.

Price: £42.09 I €46.37
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