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Technology – it’s with us so why not use it?

For even the youngest schoolchildren, technology plays an increasingly large role in their lives.

Computers, wi-fi networks, mobile phones and MP3 players allow young people around the clock access and like it or loath it, it’s here to stay.

Even during school hours, the use of this technology continues – sometimes with approval, often without, so why not tap into its popularity by using it as a teaching aid?

Team-Building Activities for the Digital Age will show you just how to promote interpersonal communication and encourage young people to positively express their individuality and build face-to-face relationships by the use of familiar technology.

The activities use the gadgetry that young adults thrive on – mobile phones, social networking sites, MP3 players, blogs and digital cameras – as an opportunity for education and enlightenment.

Each of the activities serves as the basis for discussion about topics such as diversity and cultural sensitivity, teamwork and problem solving, self-reflection and self-exploration, stereotypes, communication and self-expression and observation and discernment.

With Team-Building Activities for the Digital Age you will make team building meaningful and enjoyable and you may even find that your pupils teach you quite a lot too!

Price: £17.95 I €19.70
Team-Building Activities for the Digital Age

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