Sports facility management

Managing Sport Facilities, Second Edition, continues the tradition set by its predecessor of providing future and current sport facility managers with the knowledge they will need in order to make the proper decisions in all areas of facility management.

Like its groundbreaking predecessor, the second edition provides a comprehensive understanding of building a career in running a sports facility.

Managing Sport Facilities continues to engage students with a clear writing style, extensive real-world examples and information on managing a wide range of facilities, from professional sport stadiums to smaller and more familiar health clubs, colleges and recreational environments.

As managers require expanded knowledge to meet the needs of large, high-tech sport and recreation facilities, this edition has been updated to include several new features to cover this area.

In addition, the text offers updated content in the Facility Focus and Behind the Scenes sections, which bring the theories and concepts to life by citing specific examples of strategies used to make a facility and its facility manager more successful.

This is an excellent text for students on sport facility management or sport facility and event management courses as well as a handy reference for existing sport facility managers and industry professionals.

Price: £49.95 I €54.90

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