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Scaling the heights to success

Whether you’re an experienced mountaineer, a hardened climber or about to embark on your first expedition, nothing is more critical than anticipating, understanding and preparing for the adversities and accomplishments that await you and your team.

In Mountaineering: Training and Preparation, Carlton Cooke, Dave Bunting and Dr. John O’Hara, along with the members of the British Army Everest West Ridge Expedition team and sport and exercise scientists from Leeds Metropolitan University, share their insights, experiences and expertise.

The book covers aspects such as electing the right team for each expedition, physical conditioning and training programmes to ensure success and nutritional strategies for both training and expeditions.

It goes on to discuss team safety, climbing precautions and first aid and preparing for and surviving in extreme conditions.

From the technical aspects of a climb to the leadership and teamwork skills so essential to success, this comprehensive guide covers all of the essentials for a safe and successful expedition.

Mountaineering: Training and Preparation is a must-read for every serious mountaineer. Read it before your next expedition.

Mountaineering: Training and Preparation is available to buy now from, priced at £20.99 / €25.20.

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