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A double celebration of mountaineering success is to be held at Leeds Metropolitan University on Monday, March 15th.

The event sees the launch of a new book ‘Mountaineering: Training and Preparation’, written by two of Professors Carlton Cooke and John O’Hara in conjunction with Dave Bunting MBE, from Leeds Met partner, My Peak Potential and published by Human Kinetics.

The book launch, which will be held from 5.3pm to 7.30pm in the Jubilee Room, James Graham Building, will be followed by a presentation delivered by Dave Bunting into last year’s Himalayan Expedition.

The Leeds Metropolitan Expedition took place in October 2009 and saw a team of 21 students and staff prepare and train with Carnegie Great Outdoors and My Peak Potential to undertake a trek to Everest Base Camp.

In addition, the team undertook a range of activities in support of Nepal’s cerebral palsy sufferers.

The presentation will use images, video and vivid tales of the expedition’s highs and lows, which culminated in a journey to a height of more than 5650 metres.

To confirm your place at the event, please contact Olivia Hehir at

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