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Introducing Sport Mechanics

Most coaches are reluctant to study sport mechanics as from experience they equate it with boring texts, dry formulas, baffling calculations and indecipherable scientific terminology.

Well thank goodness, that’s not the case with Sport Mechanics for Coaches which provides an introductory look at the mechanics of sport in a manner that’s both understandable and usable for newcomers to the field.

Since the previous edition was published, technological advancements have expanded the coach’s and athlete’s toolbox.

Sport Mechanics for Coaches includes nearly 150 illustrations and photos and all-new content to help readers understand and incorporate technology and use state-of-the-art sport equipment to enhance training, identify errors in technique and improve performance.

Coaches, students and athletes with a curiosity about how and why things work in the world of sport and a desire to improve performance, will find Sport Mechanics for Coaches refreshingly easy to read, comprehend and put into practice.